1.How do I get started?

Getting Started is easy. The first step is to schedule an introductory lesson with a certified instructor.

Call us at (865)357-5770 to schedule.

During the lesson you will be introduced to two or three of the most popular social dances. At the end of the lesson your instructor will help you custom create a dance program that work best for your schedule, budget, and goals.

You are under no obligation to continue, but we believe you will have so much fun you will want to keep learning.


 2. What if I have “two left feet”?

Most students are concerned they have “two left feet” or no rhythm. Some have tried classes before with little to no success.

The “two left feet syndrome” is cured by learning to understand shifting your weight from foot to foot. This usually isn’t something you think about on a day to day basis. Part of learning to dance is creating that awareness and rediscovering your right foot!

Your instructor has been trained to find out how your brain and body prefer to learn, and teach by whichever method works best for you. This makes learning to dance fun and easy, instead of complicated and frustrating.


3. What if I have no rhythm?

Everyone has rhythm or they would not be able to walk!  Anyone who feels they have no rhythm  hasn’t been taught how to listen for a beat in the music. Part of learning to dance is training your ear to hear the beat , and learning how to match your steps and body movements to the beat.

You are not required to have rhythm to learn to dance. Dancing is a learned social art form. We don’t just teach you steps. We teach you how to move your body and dance!


4. How much does it cost?

How much you choose to invest in your dance training is entirely up to you! This means you pay for each lesson as you take it. There are no hidden costs, contracts, or membership requirements.

Private Lessons;  The first private lesson is $25 for a 45 minute lesson.   Your  instructor may offer discounted lessons if you purchase a “block” of five or more to accomplish a specific goal. We can confidently state that our private lessons are competitively priced, and the quality of your lessons ensure you are getting the best value in town.


5. How long does it take to learn to dance?

This is a tough question. The simple answer is: you can start dancing after your first lesson. Most people can have enough skill to dance basics socially after a few private lessons.

The more accurate answer depends on a lot of factors; How good do you want to be? How often will you be taking lessons?  How often do you practice on your own?  Unfortunately there really isn’t a guaranteed answer we can give you.

The best we can do is a range based on past experience. We have found that it takes an average student 1 to 3 years to complete a Bronze program depending on the above factors. At the end of this time you will look and feel comfortable socially with patterns, styling, and be able to lead or follow almost any partner.


6. When can I take lessons?

You can take lessons whenever you want. We offer lessons by appointment afternoons and evenings so you are free to schedule each lesson at a time that works for you.


7. Do I need a partner?

No, a partner is not necessary. While you are learning your instructor will dance with you as your partner. We even encourage couples to occasionally take a private lesson one-on-one with an instructor to work on lead and follow techniques.


8. How often should I take a lesson?

We recommend you dance at least once per week. This prevents you from forgetting too much in between and becoming frustrated.

The best way to learn is to do as much as you can comfortably in the beginning to get the basics in your brain and body.


9. Will I have a good teacher?

Yes. Your instructor has completed an intense training program and passed certification exams.


10. What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so you can focus on your dancing.  Our students wear anything from blue Jeans, to shirt and tie, sometimes it’s whatever they wore to work that day.

We recommend soft soled dress shoes for footwear. Athletic shoes are fine for your first few lessons. Ladies be aware that flip flops, or slides are not recommended, it is difficult to walk backwards in them.  We suggest you not spend your money on dance shoes until you have decided you want to continue dancing. Your instructor can recommend local and internet shoe vendors we trust, and help you choose a pair that’s right for you.